Our Philosophy

Family Outreach offers a variety of counseling services including family, individual, couples/marriage, and adolescent counseling.  All services are free of charge to members of the community with a child in the home under 18 who are voluntarily seeking help.  We are fully committed to the healing process for our families so we ask for the same level of commitment in return.  We do not accept court mandates or provide services to families who currently have an open CPS case.  No requests for verification of services or certificates of completion will be provided.

Family Counseling

Counseling that involves two or more members of a family. This could include mother/daughter, grandfather/grandson, or it could be the whole family. In family therapy, the identified client is the family themselves, not the individuals in the family. In family counseling the therapist will team up with the family to assist with working through important issues that might interfere with the healthy functioning of the family or other disruptions in the home environment.

We can help if you are struggling with:

-Blended/Mixed Families
-Education (ie: different mental disorders, effects of abuse, etc.)
-Family Problem Solving
-Parent/Child Relationships
-Special Family Situations (death in family, physical or mental illness, etc.)
-Many Others…

Individual Counseling

Individual counseling is a one-on-one counseling process, involving the therapist and the client only.  The counselor will work directly with the client to help identify specific problems, set and achieve individual goals, and/or provide support in difficult situations.

We can help if you are struggling with:

-Grief -Relationship Issues (family, friends, spouses, etc.)
-Many Others…

Couples Counseling

Couples counseling focuses on the couple, whether married or unmarried, to help resolve possible issues and/or barriers to growth in the relationship.  In couples counseling, the identified client is the relationship itself, not the individuals in the relationship. The goal of couples counseling is to work on goals designated by the couple that will increase the health and level of functioning between the couple.

We can help if you are struggling with:

-Family Problems
-Infidelity Issues
-Intimacy and Sexual Issues
-Marriage Enrichment
-Relationship Maintenance
-Many Others….


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