Advocating for Children, Empowering Parents, & Enriching the Community

Since 1977, Family Outreach Corpus Christi, Inc. has offered hope to families in need.  Each year, we serve hundreds of children and families in our community…Single moms seeking support to raise strong families…Survivors of sexual abuse looking for ways to heal and grow…Teens in need of help connecting with their parents…Couples looking for ways to build communication…Children suffering from low self esteem…Grandparents with limited resources trying to raise their grandchildren…and so much more.

Every person that walks through our door has a strong desire to survive, heal, and grow – and we’re here to help.   We are proud to be celebrating 35 years of improving the lives of children and families in our community. With your support, we can look forward to many more years of healing and strengthening families with proven success.

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Empty Your Attic Sale Saturday, March 1st!
empty your attic*Still taking donated items for the sale!*

We directly work with children and adults affected by abuse, violence, family disruption and other forms of trauma and relational issues in Nueces County and surrounding areas.

You can donate home accessories, antiques and collectables, dishes, cookware,
furniture, small appliances, tools, books, etc. to help fund our services.

Please call Family Outreach at 361-888-6041 to schedule a pick up or email us at

Sale will be held at Family Outreach on Saturday, March 1st starting at 8am.

Christmas Blessings

Many children and families were blessed with a spectacular Christmas morning!

The staff & volunteers at Family Outreach would like to thank those who adopted a family this Christmas season.  Click Here to see how you made a difference for children and families in our community!

A Special Thanks to. . .

Forever grateful to our friends over at CC MAIDEN TEXAS ROLLER DERBY for taking Family Outreach under their wing and supporting us throughout the year. These amazing ladies have donated proceeds from their bouts, volunteered their time and energy during special events, and provided toys for Christmas for children and families in need. All the lives you have touched as a result of your generous giving is a testament to prayer and what the heart of a volunteer can accomplish. Thank you so much for all that you do!

We’d like to extend a very gracious thank you to our friends over at Harvest Interiors & Flooring in Port Aransas for providing 15 families with a complete Thanksgiving meal.

Thanks to your generosity many families in need were able to provide a happy holiday for their children.

Family Outreach would like to recognize Radiology Associates for their commitment to healing and strengthening families in our community!  Radiology Associates have taken on Family Outreach as their service project and we are deeply grateful for their help and dedication to our mission.

We believe there is extraordinary power released when people work in effective, durable partnerships.  When we work together, we really can make a difference in the community!

Already, the wonderful team at Radiology Associates has transformed and painted an office space for employees at Family Outreached and painted the exterior of our building.  We are forever grateful to their dedication and compassion to change real lives.

Without YOU, our mission would not be possible!

A Special Announcement!

Proud to announce the  Cc Maiden Texas Roller Derby has agreed to support Family Outreach Corpus Christi in our fight to end Child Abuse during their 2013 Roller Derby Season. Thank you for your commitment to donating a portion of your proceeds to FOCC! You guys rock!

Be sure to check them out on August 16thMash Up w/Brazos Valley Roller Derby at 3433 Ayers! For more information or to purchase tickets visit!



















































































A Fresh Start: A Clients Story

Because of your support, Johana has found purpose in her life despite challenges.

“Family Outreach has helped me with my self esteem, courage to accept myself as I am, and to take risks to try new things.  I’ve learned to improve myself and I’m getting better everyday.  I have also learned to be a better parent to my children.  Thanks to their free services, I now am able to see my mistakes as an opportunity for growth.  I now know I deserve respect and love.”

Continue reading how Johana made it through here!

. . . . .


























































































“Family Outreach is giving me the tools I need to learn how to overcome my obstacles and set an example for my children.

It has been a slow process for me as I make baby steps into learning how to live and not just survive.

Now, I have hope.  Now matter how long it takes me I will make it.

Recently, I had a profound moment at the Freedom Rains Retreat.  We did an activity where we were told to lay our fears, regrets, pain, suffering, or anything before the Lord.  Each of  us walked up to the chalkboard and wrote whatever we wanted so desperately to release.  It took me a few moments to think about what I wanted to really let go of.”
























































































Continue reading how Eva found her way out of the pain here!




Supplying Healthy Alternatives for Personal Empowerment

S.H.A.P.E. combines positive discipline techniques with standard behavior modification based on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis. ABA is a scientifically based approach in effectively dealing with behavior management. Parents struggling with behaviors such as power, revenge, attention seeking and avoidance will find this class helpful.

Parents will learn:
1) How to recognize the reason behind the various behaviors
2.) How to respond to the negative behavior in order to reduce future occurrences
4.) How to teach their children the responses they desire

The ultimate goal of this class is to empower both parents and children in strengthening the parent-child relationship, in order to help the family unit flourish as a whole.

Next session starting soon!  Call 361-888-6041 for more information or to register.

Click to View Program Schedule!



Family Outreach Corpus Christi, Inc.
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